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Daydream Generation 11

Daydream Generation 11
download: DG11-Disc1
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So here it is. A week and a half late, but all the better for it. Daydream Generation 11 is 36 tracks of musical nourishment for your ears, 2 hours of guitars, harmonicas, electronic instruments, words that rhyme, beats that go in and out of time, voices unfamiliar, voices familiar, all of them singing from the same torn page that blows down your street, collaborations, compositions, old songs, new songs, and hello dummy, which, perhaps, completely defies description.

A massive thank you from me to everyone who mucked in on this, from those who have been there with me from the very beginning and are still there today, to those of you who are new to the compilations and didn’t have a clue what you were getting into but got into it anyway, and to those beautiful you’s who fall somewhere in between the two. It’s been a lot of fun putting this compilation together, sitting up into the night, cursing Windows 8 and its stupid corners, mining at the rockface in search of musical gems, actually missing the good old days of myspace when I didn’t have to listen to 100 artists on Bandcamp just to find only 4 that blew my socks off. Technological hitches aside, above all else DG11 helped remind me why I started doing this in the first place and why I’ll not leave it so long between this compilation and the next.

A final thanks as well on your behalf to my nephew Rhys, who got me half on the horse again when he asked me how to go about meeting people with similar musical tastes and philosophies, and I replied (without properly thinking it through) “Here, let me show you how to put a compilation together.” Without him, I wouldn’t be sitting here watching a little egg-timer crawl painfully towards 100%, thinking “F**k… I’m still going to be sitting here at dawn…”
But if I am, then so be it. At least I’ve got these brilliant new songs to keep me company.

Oh, what’s that Willy?

Urgh. He’s reminding me to remind you to spread the word and now he’s babbling something about musical chocolate. That’s it, I’m putting my headphones on. See you all in the morning and I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.


The Daydream Generation