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Impaled Peach
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It’s been a while so you know this must be important. Remember Impaled Peach and his ‘Helicobbler’ EP from early last year? 8 songs of melancholy pop goodness, oddities thrown together in the shape of a record, completely unplanned and yet brilliantly coherent. Well this time he’s only gone and done it again, but full-album length this time around, a staggering 17 track masterpiece, completely unplanned and yet… if this record wasn’t designed to fall together like this, then it really should have been.

Design is the key to describing what Ed (the guy behind the music) does. Songs are carefully crafted, odd and atmospheric, brimming with pop melodies, often intricate and bursting with good-old fashioned dark-humored soul. Heavily influenced by modern psychedelic bands like The Olivia Tremor Control, ‘Impaled Peach’ flies the same fuzzy path, but it has a much softer underbelly, kept up in the air at all times with soft 60s vocals, an orchestra of Beatle-esque guitars, and ukuleles. The word ‘Quixodelic’ was invented for records like this.
First listen I f**king loved it. Second listen I started to wonder if I wasn’t underrating what Impaled Peach has carefully crafted and thrown together in his front room. As far as lo-fi goes it is possibly fated to be one of those undiscovered gems that would have shone interstellar with the right people behind it. In the greater scheme of things you somehow feel like as many ears follow its magical trails across the skies, that it will always be one of those records you’ll proudly cherish in a lucky minority.

My favourite tracks? Oh, too many. I promise that there is not a weak song among the 17 and even the instrumental psychedelic interludes play their part. Try the undeniably epic ‘Moonless Sonata For Sun’ if you want to dip your toes in at the deep end and I’ll wager that you’ll want to go swimming around the rest of ‘Impaled Peach’ immediately afterwards.

11 out of 10.

Impaled Peach